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July 5, 2016
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Website and general quality evaluation

These website elements tell you whether you see a reliable locksmith company

Consider that you are looking for a locksmith company. Chances are great that you look for it, because of an unpleasant situation. However, it is also possible that you look for it, because you want some advice to make your home more safety. Basically you make a Google search in which you type in „locksmith dallas“ when you live in Dallas, for example.

What does the site look like?

icon-1243693_640What you get is search results that are hard to filter. How can a normal guy assess the quality of the website in order to determine which company is most professional? There are certain heuristic methods and you use them everyday without even knowing it. One of these methods is a quality assessment on basis of the look of the website.

So if the website looks unpretty or not really structured, than one might think that the quality of the website isn´t good too. However, that might be the case, as they are always exceptions of a rule. But in most times this rule can be applied very good.

Take 5 minutes and look briefly at the websites. Does it look like it was produced in a short period of time or does it look sophisticated? When the answer is no, you might have had bad luck and the company does not possess high quality standards .

Do you see any mistakes in the text?

Also, it is recommended that you look closer at the text. Do not just read it, but try to find some grammatical or icon-1243668_640spelling mistakes, if you recognize them than this is clearly a sign that the company does not take it time to control their work. After all it was a text that describes their services or their company. That text is better without any mistakes, don´t you think?

The next point is directed at many Americans. A large number of Americans possess at least one smartphone. And the mobile Internet use is widely distributed among segments of the population. That usage might also apply when you look for a locksmith company. In very few cases you will have the chance to look it up via normal PC. Therefore it is very important that the website is suited for mobile devices as well. If this is not the case, than the company will miss the opportunities to present themselves and to get new customers.

You see that there are some methods you can use to assess the quality of a website and use this result as a basis to estimate the quality of the locksmith company. These methods are very important and can save you a lot of money and frustrations.

Nowadays search results are extremely important

  • By the way the evaluation is not a bad one. It is rather the only one you can do, when you have no experience with the locksmith or know someone who was a client in the past. Rather, the website should be a reflection of the company and when this reflection is bad, what quality have the services?Example of well built reliable locksmith website:Low Rate Sacramento Locksmith
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April 13, 2016
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Prejudices about locksmith companies

There aren´t many industries that have such a bad reputation. Locksmith companies, however, do have a bad reputation. But why is that the case and do these prejudices really hold up, when they are checked. That is the aim of this article.

First prejudice: Locksmith companies are too expensive

key-hole-1190590_640When you have to call a locksmith company you are usually in a bad situation. Some people broke in to your house and you have just recognized it. Or you just recognized that you closed a door and had no keys with you and of course, you look for their help when you have lost your bunch of keys. So all three situations are not very nice and you look desperately for help.

That doesn´t mean that a locksmith exploits your situation, but rather that your need is so strong that there is „normal“ justification for their price and keep in mind that the employees do have a big responsibility. They have to work precisely and without damaging any other things, that could belong to your landlord or company. These things combined are a good explanation why a locksmith justify higher prices. So the first prejudice is not true.

Second prejudice: The employees of locksmith companies aren´t very nice

Remember the three situations form the first prejudice and now try to think about the situations as if you were in one of them. How would you describe yourself? Would you say that would be very calm and tight up or would you think that you might be a bit stressed and that you would have no time. Surely, it would be the second case. Guessing that more than 75% percent of all phone calls have a stressed tenor, locksmith´s have a tough time. But it doesn´t end there. They need more than the adress and the name of the caller. They have to ask questions about the incident. What has really happened? Are there some devices on that could go up in flames, like a pan on the oven.

padlock-172770_640And they also need information about the door or the lock itself. Some locks or doors are more sophisticated than they were a few years ago and some locks require state of the art tools to be opened. So when you think about the demands of the job it is normal that a locksmith has some tough times and that their actions might not seem to nice. So the second prejudice might be sometimes true.

Those were two prejudices. There are many more. But to analyze them would take too much time and probably a whole lot more you can spend on a busy workday. But what you can take away is that next time you confront yourself with a locksmith and try to be as sharp as possible in understand his verbal and nonverbal actions. Doing so you will have a much better customer – locksmith relationship and the process will feel better.

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